8 Hidden Escapade Beaches In Pulau Tioman

If you’ve been to Malaysia, have you ever heard about Pulau Tioman, an island off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia? Located in the state of Pahang, this island is well known for its scenic and yet tranquil beaches which tourists love to flock to yearly. In fact, one of its iconic spot is the Asah Waterfalls, where a 1950s Hollywood movie, “South Pacific”, was shot at. But its wonderful beaches are the drawing charm to travelers who love Malaysia dearly. Let’s look at the hidden beaches in Pulau Tioman where a high sense of escapism prevails:

Monkey Beach

Consider a pristine stretch of shoreline where only long-tailed macaques exist. The journey to Monkey Beach is an adventure in and of itself. It can only be reached by trekking through the forests or by boat. Beautiful jungles and unspoiled white coral reefs can be seen along the coast.

Paya Beach

Credit: Paya Beach Resort

Paya is a beach on Tioman Island in Malaysia. Tall palms and huge trees cast a lot of shade. The sand is white, and getting into the sea is easy. The sea floor is rough to the north of the beach and provides great snorkeling. Sand and stones make up the beach and seabed.

Many people come here to snorkel and dive, either at the other end of the jetty where the water is deeper or at adjacent Tomok Island, which has live coral reefs! But water sports isn’t the only thing you can do!

It’s also possible to ride an ATV around Paya Beach. Another approach to realize one’s inner beauty is to go on a jungle ATV ride. It will add to the excitement and fun of your trip!

This ATV ride is only available at Paya Beach Resort. The ride starts on the jungle track just behind the lodge. They will equip you with a helmet and competent guidance to secure your safety.

Melina Beach

Tioman’s southern beaches (south of Paya) are peaceful and tranquil. Let’s begin with Melina Beach, a lengthy stretch of sandy beaches on the southwest coast. It is secluded since it is located distant from popular beaches and town centers. That sounds wonderful to us! That’s why you can hear the lapping waves and the rustle of palm trees here. You can stay at Melina Beach if you book a room at the privately owned Melina Beach Resort. The beach is not overly large and is simple to navigate. There are rocky outcrops on the point that create excellent photo opportunities!

Lalang Beach

Take a look at this cozy pocket of bliss. Lalang Beach is a small yet attractive beach. The southern end of the beach is recommended because the water is clearer and it is away from the few cabins on the northern end. To get to Lalang Beach, take a complimentary shuttle run by Berjaya Beach, Golf, and Spa Resort. They provide this service to the whole public, not just resort visitors.

Lanting Beach

In Tioman, Lanting Village is a little-known beach on the island’s southwest tip. Truly, check the lovely blue water out! In Lanting Town, there is no wrestling through groups to get an ideal spot on the coast. Lay your beach mat wherever you like, as if you own this location. The nearest resort here is Japamala Resort which is one of Tioman’s most select extravagance resorts.

The sand at Lanting Beach is among the best on the entire island! Additionally, the water is exceptionally clear, making it ideal for snorkeling and swimming!

What’s better? Scarcely anybody comes here!

Juara Beach

Juara is the main great ocean side on the east of Tioman island, Malaysia. It’s a great place to watch turtles lay their eggs. Additionally, compared to other Tioman beaches, there are typically fewer people there due to the lack of transportation options.

Ayer Batang Beach

A climb commendable wilderness trail interfaces this ocean side to Air Batang town (or ABC town) and Salang town. Additionally, this beach’s rocky shoreline and abundance of sand flies make it unsuitable for lounging: Compared to other locations on Tioman Island, the surroundings are more lively. Particularly during the nights!

One mile shore has numerous regions with rough seabed being awkward for swimming. Additionally, the beach snorkeling is of poor quality.

Nipah Beach

On the west shore of Tioman Island, is Nipah Ocean side.

You might think about this the best ocean side in Tioman Island if you have any desire to move away from every other person!

Since the closest town, It is 2.5km away to Genting Town! You can expect golden sand and a hidden lagoon!

Moving On

Tioman is the ideal location for sunbathing, water sports, and getting away from it all. These 8 beaches provide the perfect combination of hidden escapism with simple pleasures of travel happiness. But there are activities you can do on Pulau Tioman itself.

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